Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen ehf specialises in increasing the value of underutilized side-streams from the fisheries sector.

Codlagen Icelandic Marine Collagen has been isolated from the skins of North Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua). It has been hydrolysed into short chains amino acids that are easily absorbed and digested by the body to maximize the benefit our product has to offer. Codlagen is white, odourless and tasteless powder that is highly soluble in hot or cold liquids making it easy and convenient for formulation or to include it in all food or beverages.

Our fish gelatin is made from partially hydrolysed Collagen I from the cold water species cod (Gadus morhua). It has unique physical properties due to the special amino acid composition only found in cold water fish species.  Cold water fish gelatine has lower gelling temperature and melting points compared other types of gelatine and therefore ideally suitable for many uses such as certain pharmaceutical applications or in confectionary or pastries when ta gel is needed that remains soft at cold temperatures. 

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