The Contest has ended!
The winners will be announced on May 20th 2022 at the Matís event at
Iceland Innovation Week!


How can we utilize our aquatic resources, also known as the Blue Biomass better?

No idea is too crazy!

This video was produced by Kontor Reykjavík for Matís and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Aquatic bioresources (blue biomass) from oceans and freshwater are an important part of the Nordic Bioeconomy. However, not all of our aquatic resources are fully utilized. In this video contest, the goal is for students to put forward their ideas on how to increase resource efficiency and utilisation by processing underutilized biomass and sidestreams into higher-value compounds. We welcome videos of any type; presentation, scripted, documentary, animated…anything you can think of.

About the contest

Video length?

  • 4 minutes maximum


  • English or any Nordic language

Who can participate?

  • Students in the Nordic Countries between the ages 14-19

When is the deadline?

  • May 1st 2022

Videos will be judged based on business potential and realism, relevance to the theme, clarity, charisma and creativity.

Winners will be awarded a prize worth 10.000 DKK.

By participating in the competition, the authors of the video give permission to display their video on the competition website and/or other media, and to use pictures or abstracts from them. The videos will be posted on Matís’ YouTube channel, the projects website and its social media

Please submit the videos in MP4 format before May 1st 2022.

Send the videos to (use wetransfer or similiar if the files are very large).

Please include in the submission the authors’ names, ages, countries of origin and town name

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