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Tailorzyme designs enzyme solutions optimized for the customer’s substrate and process requirements. We work with both food- and technical applications in close collaboration with customers and develop new enzymes for industrial applications. Country: Denmark Website URL: Contact email: Type: Producer Sector: Biotech | Food Biomass Supply / Material: Marine Products and Sidestreams: Enzymes Address: …

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Lerøy Seafood Group

Lerøy Seafood Group is a world-leading seafood corporation with a history reaching back to 1899. The Group´s core business is the production of salmon and trout, catches of whitefish, processing, product development, marketing, sale and distribution of seafood. Every single day, all year round, our 5,500 employees deliver seafood corresponding to five million meals. We have an extensive range …

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At biomega®, we are biorefining specialists. Years of experience have allowed us to develop and patent our unique proprietary technology of the continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process. Optimizing product characteristics requires the best processing conditions. Thus, we have developed and patented several reactors tailor-made for specific uses. Our process is currently applied to the production of …

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Codland’s goal is to promote progress in the fishing industry through innovation and collaboration. Codland’s aim is to utilize 100% of the byproducts of traditional codfish processing. Country: Iceland Website URL: Contact email: Type: Producer Sector: Biotech Biomass Supply / Material: Marine | Fish Address: Grandagarður 16 101 Reykjavík


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. Through international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, we ensure business competitiveness and contribute to a sustainable society. Country: Sweden Website URL: Contact email: Type: Research and Development Sector: Biotech | Food Address: Lindholmspiren 7 A, 417 56 Göteborg


NORCE works towards finding solutions that benefit the community, and which increase sustainable value creation nationally and globally. Country: Norway Website URL: Contact email: Type: Research and Development Address: Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen

University of Iceland

The Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Iceland (UoI) specializes in the wide aspects of food science, food technology, nutrition, innovation and product development and sustainable production, especially from marine and aquaculture raw materials. UoI welcomes diverse research ideas and are open for discussions of all topics, sectors, biomass supplies and …

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Primex Iceland is an Icelandic marine biotech company and a global leader in sustainable production of high quality chitosan. Primex markets products under the brand names ChitoCare®, ChitoClear® and LipoSan Ultra® and SeaKlear®. Primex provides chitosan from the pure source of the North Atlantic ocean where the shrimp shells of Pandalus borealis is the key …

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Matís ohf.

MATÍS is a leading research and development organisation focussed on serving the food and biotechology sectors. We pursue research and development aligned to the food and biotechnology industries as well as providing Iceland’s leading analytical testing service for public and private authorities. Value creation within the bioeconomy and the development of policy and infrastructure in …

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